Saturday, 13 June 2015

BBC Good Food 7-Day Summer Diet Plan - Day Three

Dee – Day three and we are both still sticking to the diet plan.  The recipes have been all good so far and there are enough leftovers in the freezer for at least another three meals.  Space is also starting to appear in the fridge after it was crammed full on Wednesday.  Slightly less preparation required today as we have our first repeat meal.

Breakfast:  Date and Buckwheat Granola with Pecans & Seeds
This is the first dish that has appeared more than once, and it was helpful to be breakfast as I wasn’t so rushed getting it all ready.  The prepared ingredients had held up well and again set us both up nicely for the day.

Lunch:  Herb Pancake Wraps with Goats Cheese
This was probably the recipe that I changed most from the specified version:  I substituted an orange pepper for the tomatoes as it was part of a three-pack of peppers that we had to buy in order to get the red and green ones.  Next, I used up all of the pack of basil in the Summer Pistou so used Flat Leaf Parsley instead.  As in one of the earlier recipes, I used black olives instead of kalamata, and finally I used a mixed watercress-spinach-rocket salad instead of the specified baby kale, which wasn’t available. 
I also made a couple of minor changes to the presentation:  I decided to finely chop the courgette.  No excuses for doing this other than it being too messy and too much like hard work washing up the grater afterwards.  It turned out to have been a good move anyway, as the chopped up courgettes took on a pleasing charred appearance and taste after being fried in a little rapeseed oil.
I liked the idea of adding water to the egg pancake mix.  Although this made the pancakes a little more difficult to control in the pan, they did take on a subtler texture and flavour allowing the herbs to predominate rather than the egg.
I served it up as an open pancake, with the goats cheese being spread first and the salad placed on top.  This made for another pleasantly fresh tasting lunch.  Maybe a little on the light side but we weren’t able to find any radishes to serve alongside it.  I didn’t give in to temptation though, so that was my lunch.
Incidentally, after yesterday’s rubbish photos, I was quite pleased with how this one turned out.

Tea:  Roast Chicken with Sweet Potato Gremolata Salad
Back to the sub-standard photos I’m afraid.  I’m blaming this one on too much afternoon sun.  I should also apologise for the presentation, which wasn’t foremost in our minds when we took the photo as we were both quite hungry from the light lunch.
However, while it was lacking in aesthetics, it more than made up for in taste, and could well be a contender for the best meal of the week.
We decided not to wilt the spinach, and instead served the chicken and vegetables on the leaves as they were.  We also used a couple of chicken breasts rather than a whole bird and left the raw garlic out of the gremolata.  This was quite a long meal to prepare, but as mentioned above, was well worth the waiting time.  The pomegranate seeds being used as a garnish just before serving were a great idea, and added a delicious sweetness and richness to the dish.  The sweet potatoes and onions had just begun to caramelise when the chicken was finally cooked, and contrasted well with the fresh spinach leaves and pomegranate seeds.
With the ingredients we used, the specified serving quantity of two was spot on.
We both loved this dish.  There were a few pomegranate seeds left over afterwards, so we enjoyed these for dessert.

Once tomorrow’s entry is written, we will be just past the half way point.  There is an email from the organisers reminding us of this, so I will look at that as part of tomorrow’s entry.

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